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Suite Beginnings

Sous Suite is the healthy food preparation, fitness, and wellness site designed to help you create the body you need for the life you want. Our culinary and wellness experts on staff boast nearly 25 years of combined experience. We at Sous Suite are passionate about living life abundantly and strive to equip our members with the tools, techniques, and confidence they need to thrive.

In the culinary world, a “sous chef” is a leadership position in the professional kitchen. As an authority in preparation, implementation and orchestration of all necessary tasks to accomplish a successful meal service, a variety of masterful skills and in-depth knowledge is critical.

Sous Suite affords its members fun and relevant instruction by which to become an accomplished sous chef in their own kitchen. We take this expertise one step further to apply everything we do: food, health, wellness and fitness.

Our food preparation series provides all-inclusive coaching on food safety techniques, kitchen necessities, healthy meal preparation and much more; all specifically designed for novice and intermediate home cooks. The fitness and wellness portion of our site encourages and instructs individuals of all ages, shapes, sizes and fitness levels to become the best version of themselves…and no one else.



Pull on your apron, lace up your tennis shoes and….





Adrianna Spencer – Chef/Co-Owner

Chef, Business Management Professional and Hard-Core Foodie.

Meet SousSuite’s Culinary Education Orchestrator.

Chef Adrianna Spencer loves to show others how to prepare healthy, awesomely delicious meals – then package and preserve them for the week so they will never want to buy prepared meals  again!

Adrianna Spencer is a chef and serious foodie. Apparent from her the receipt of her first play kitchen at the age of three, Chef Adrianna showed she was destined for a career in food. She received an Associate in Applied Science in Culinary Arts in May 2005 from New Jersey’s Atlantic Cape Community College, then obtained an Associate in Applied Science in Pastry Arts in December 2005 from that alma mater.

Adrianna went on to earn a Bachelor of Professional Studies in Culinary Arts and Service Management in May 2008 from Paul Smith’s College of Arts and Sciences. She spent a semester abroad in Italy, studying the different regions of the beautiful country and how each region’s cuisine differed. After graduation from Paul Smith’s, she worked at the award-winning restaurant, Fat Canary, in Williamsburg, Virginia as its only pastry chef.

Then it was time to move back to her hometown of Vineland, NJ to open her first business, The Sweets Suite Bake Shoppe Café at WheatonArts in Millville, NJ, which she ran successfully for 5 seasons. Adrianna loves to share her knowledge and passion of food and cooking. While at her Shoppe at WheatonArts, she successfully facilitated several culinary arts classes for families. To her, there’s nothing more fun!

As a millennial, Adrianna has found, through research and social observation, that her generation loves fresh, less processed and less chemically-laden foods as well as experimenting in the kitchen. However, she’s also noticed two major skill gaps in her generation’s repertoire: time management and food knowledge – especially nutrition.

Having worked in the food industry for the last 15 years, Adrianna knows a thing or two about food and cooking. In that time, she’s noted how few people know how to prepare and store meals for later use. Many people buy their lunches (and dinners) fully prepared, which can be expensive, often unhealthy and completely unnecessary. All it takes is a bit of thought and planning!

In her spare time, Adrianna loves to bake and to travel; her two biggest passions. She also enjoys watching Netflix, reading and has a fondness for dill pickles.

Resse Davis – Fitness & Wellness Expert/Co-Owner

Health/fitness specialist, group fitness instructor and personal trainer.

Meet Resse Davis – Wellness Guide Extraordinaire!

Resse Davis is a nationally certified group fitness instructor and personal trainer and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from the College of William and Mary.


With nearly a decade in the health and fitness industry, she has taught a variety of classes including strength training, kickboxing, step and circuit training. Resse also has extensive experience training clients with special goals such as weight loss and sporting event preparation; as well as clients with physical limitations such as back, hip and shoulder injuries.


By combining her technical expertise with her background in psychology and behavior modification, Resse has developed a unique approach to health and fitness.


Resse is passionate about attainable fitness and helping clients become the best version of themselves. She strives to create an atmosphere of acceptance and body positivity to encourage her clients to accomplish their dreams.


In her spare time, Resse enjoys traveling , eating chocolate chip cookies and watching Netflix.