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Get Your (D)ish Together.

We’ll Show You How.


Our mission is simple: to equip our community with the knowledge and

confidence they need to lead fulfilling, healthy lives.

This mission includes a dual approach: nutritious food and attainable fitness.


SousSuite’s head chef, Adrianna Spencer, noticed the increasing need for

‘plug-and-play’ culinary instruction for everyday life. Her greatest passion is

showing others how to prepare healthy, awesomely delicious meals, and how to

package and preserve them for the week (or month!), effectively making the

need to purchase packaged meals obsolete!

The task of meal prepping can seem daunting, but FEAR NOT!

All it takes is a bit of thought and planning to eat better AND save money!

  • Not sure how to shop for ingredients? She’s got ya’. Adrianna will help you save money and show you how to store your loot properly.
  • Do you know what a double boiler is? Or a microplane? A Dutch Oven? Adrianna will teach you what tools you need for a well-stocked kitchen.
  • Don’t understand how to cook healthfully? It’s waaaay easier than you think. And, very importantly, it’s insanely delicious.
  • And, since this a prep show, she will show you how to portion and package enough food to last you all week (or even all month) long. And, no, you won’t have to eat the same thing every day (unless you want to.)

Before long, you will be a Master Sous Chef in your own kitchen.

Impress your family and friends with your awesome cooking and prepping skills.

Share your new-found knowledge and help others tame the monster that is prepping.

Save money, eat better, live better; it’s a win-win-win no matter how you look at it.

So, why WOULDN’T you want to join SousSuite?


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SousSuite’s lead fitness and wellness expert, Resse Davis, thrives on

assisting her clients in making attainable fitness goals for their own unique journey.

Resse seeks to redefine “fitness” by turn the common opinion of the word on its head.

Fitness is not a number on a scale. It is definitely not looking like the model on the cover of a magazine.

Fitness is the freedom to live the life you want to lead with no restraints.

Resse is passionate about empowering her clients to reach their full

potential, without causing them to develop a resentment for exercise.

  • Not sure where to begin on your fitness journey? Resse will provide helpful videos to get you started!
  • Confused about technique? Resse will walk you through foundational exercises step by step to empower you and help prevent injury.
  • Want to learn how to eat better? Resse will provide in depth education on nutrition, diet fads, and SO MUCH more!
  • Want quick, effective workouts? Resse’s got you covered!

At SousSuite, we believe fitness and wellness is fundamental to living life abundantly.

Resse will train, educate and motivate you to get started and keep going!

It’s time to Create the Body You Need for the Life You Want!


Check out a FREE Sneak Peek!

SousSuite is here to help!

SousSuite provides you with valuable knowledge and technique to help you reachyour full potential!

At SousSuite, you’ll get:

  • Qualified, devoted, and knowledgeable instructors
  • Practical and applicable lessons
  • Fresh ideas on how to approach food, fitness, and wellness, as well as the tools to implement those ideas in your life
  • A compassionate, edifying community

After applying the lessons from the engaging and educational content onSousSuite,you will feel more confident;

both in your kitchen and in your gym. You will know how to apply fundamental culinary knowledge

to save you money and time, all while remaining nutritionally savvy.

You will discover that fitness and wellness have very little to do with the number on the scale.

You will finally be on the road to being comfortable in your own skin.



Check out a FREE Sneak Peek!

Everything you need to Get Your (D)ish Together

 – right at your fingertips.

SousSuite is entirely online.  If you have an internet connection and a valid email address, you’re ready to get started!

When you join, you’ll get:

Unlimited access to all culinary content-

Get access to all culinary content which includes technique videos, specific, ingredient-centered food preparation videos, easy access to recipes featured in videos, lessons on meal planning and other fun items to explore!

Unlimited access to all fitness videos-

This includes all cardo, strength, stretching, interval training and whatever other workouts our fabulous trainers come up with!

SousSuite Approved Recipes-

If it’s SousSuite Approved, you know it’s a good recipe. We focus on recipes that have great nutritional value, without being unrealistic. We also throw in some not-so nutritional ones every once in awhile….’cause everyone needs a treat sometimes.

Consistently new content-

You can count on SousSuite to provide fresh, fun content every single week. We are always adding engaging, informative, and helpful videos, articles and recipes to keep you learning and growing.

Qualified, caring staff-

We at SousSuite care deeply about our members. Affectionately named the “SousCrew”, our members are our top priority. We are constantly looking for new ways to teach, encourage, and motivate our clients to become the very best versions of themselves. All SousSuite staff are experts in their respective fields and are fully equipped to impart their wisdom and expertise to our treasured SousCrew.

Up-to-Date, relevant articles-

As part of the SousSuite membership, you will have access to relevant articles on fitness, wellness, nutrition, culinary arts and more written by our staff and other experts in each field. We are very careful to provide our members with the best, most helpful and up-to-date information as possible to keep you moving forward.

An uplifting community-

The SousSuite community is of paramount importance to us. We strive to create an atmosphere for engaging, collaborative dialogue for our members and our staff. Have a question about something you learned in SousSuite? Ask on the community board!

Commitment to lasting changes-

SousSuite is not about quick fixes. We seek to instill a lasting change in our members. You will not find fad diets, 30-day cleanses, or other unrealistic promises here. Instead, we will teach you how to recognize what your body is telling you and how make small, steady changes that will last.

Practical lessons for everyday life-

Whether it be learning several different methods for cooking eggs, realistic ways to reduce your sugar intake or discovering the type of exercise your body best responds to, we at SousSuite develop our content with the purpose of having our members apply what they learn to their everyday lives.

Joining SousSuite will get you ALL THIS…

Is SousSuite for me?

SousSuite is for those who:

  • Can’t seem to avoid fast food on a regular basis
  • Want to learn the basics of cooking and kitchen sanitation
  • Are tired of feeling bloated and unwell
  • HATE fad diets and cutting out foods you love
  • Need fresh ideas in an approachable, easy to understand format
  • Want to learn how to effectively meal prep
  • Are ready to take control of their health and wellness
  • Want to save time and money
  • Want fun instructors to guide the way to their new lifestyle

SousSuite is NOT for people who want a short cut to being “skinny” or who aren’t willing to learn something new.

Still not sure?

Don’t take our word for it!

Here’s what our patrons have to say:

“The perfect balance of humor and focus.” – C. W.

 “Inspiring expertise.” – A.N.

“The epitome of professionalism and a … constant source of motivating fitness to all levels; Continually educating members on nutrition and the various types of exercises and training to achieve the individual’s specific goals.  Approachable and professional, [Sous Suite] takes [its] role seriously and puts heart into helping people get and stay fit.”  – L.Z.

“A positive, supportive and professional environment. Highly recommended!”- R.C.

“This place is wonderful! … Just try everything!” – M.Z.

Join us!

A Labor of Love

SousSuite was started by Adrianna Spencer and Resse Davis; sisters, whose individual expertise represent the two pillars of overall wellness: food and fitness.  The true passion they seek to share with the world, however, is so much bigger.

At Sous Suite, our goal is to have our members look back on their personal accomplishments, both big and small, and be able to credit them in some small way to what they have learned at SousSuite.

Has the wheel on your heavy suitcase broken on your way to catching your flight? No worries; you are now fit enough to carry it with ease.

Want that new high-tech gadget?

By learning to confidently prepare your lunches ahead of time, you have freed up hundreds of dollars in your monthly budget.

We at SousSuite strive to positively affect the lives of our members by imparting knowledge and confidence which equals freedom.



So, pull on that apron, lace up those tennis shoes and…

Welcome to SousSuite.